Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So you might notice a bit of a pause in updates, time was taken out to thoroughly enjoy Sleeping Dogs, which was pretty fun and already played to death.

Anyway, here's Wei Shen in a Bruce Lee pose, because I really did run around the whole game with him shirtless with red tracksuit bottoms on. EVEN when I had mansions I was lookin' like a street urchin. Overall, the game was pretty boss, but kind of short lived (same goes for most games these days) my adult intellect means I don't get stuck for years in one spot (like-i-did-with-zelda-ocarina-of-time-when-i-was-seven) at first I was kind of shit at fighting, and went around doing the Drug Bust missions by literally mowing the enemy thugs down from behind the wheel of whatever car I'd most recently stolen. Then I started paying attention and dishing out the PAIN with DEM KICKS AND DEM TACKLES AND DEM ENVIRONMENT KILLS.

Then someone gave me a gun and...stuff went down.

I was hoping it would keep me going until Borderlands 2, but I was just too damn good as an undercover cop posing as a Triad and wrapped that story up pretty fast. It's got replay value though, I still have a bunch of fight clubs to rape.

My only negative comment would be that there's really no point whatsoever in Emma Stone even being in the game, I mean, they could have easily of had a regular voice actress do her part, because her character literally has no influence on the story whatsoever. I kept thinking she was going to double cross me or some shiiiiiiit, but no, she was just there as a plot device to add some icons to my map and help me find health shrines.

I also got into trouble with my other three women for going out with her, but PSH, I really wanted to find those health shrines, and there was me thinking Shen would just be going on a walk in the park with her...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'just a walk/drive/karaoke session/day-out hacking cctv cameras, free-running race,' in Wei's life.

And I don't even want to know how any of them found out about each other, I thought I was doing a good job juggling like I did in Fable, but AH-WELL.

BUT YEAH, I'd definitely recommend it, it was fun.

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