Monday, 5 December 2011


So people are doing this crazy thing where they draw something for every day leading up to christmas? Dey got them some themes and stuff, and I decided I might give it a go too. I don't really have a theme, other than;

I'm going to draw 25 (maybe) people that are living in my head. Or 25 drawings of people (I might do the same bitch twice...D:). By doing this, maybe I'll get better at doodling some doodles and by the end of it I might even have me a good selection of character designs to stick into a portfolio.

I'm a little behind, but shut up. I was doing my dissertation.

Anyway. While sitting up all night long setting up my dissertation for printingz, I got the sudden urge to do something else (like draw). I usually only ever draw gold when I'm supposed to be doing something else. I also really like Adam Hughes work, and figured it could be that 'realistic,' style games companies might be talking about when about it. And then I decided it's probably about damn time I started drawing like that, figured that...I'm 21 years old and should be like Hughes (even though he's super older).

SO.  Here's the result of me being 'realistic.' and channelling my inner Hughes;

Diz bitch is called Savvy. She lives in my head with a bunch of other cats you'll be meeting over the coming days and weeks. I have a thousand stories living in there too, and Savvy's is as badass as all the others. She lives in a dystopian wurld (do not groan) but she's not a soldier or some kid fighting in a battle royale type rip-off. Nay.

She owns a shop, and this is how she appears in my minds eye. Shut up about the hand, look at the rest.

Oh yeah, facts about her costume. Those black things on her arms are rubber gloves, cuz she tinkers with electrical shit and doesn't want to get zapped.That hairstyle, is a mullet, because like a mullet, Savvy's business up front but (wink wink) party in the back.

And yeah, I named her myself.

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