Monday, 5 December 2011


Here's another. This is Rook and she belongs in the same universe as Savvy. She also works for Savvy (note the bag she's carrying), and no her face isn't shaped like a gas mask, that's an actual gas mask. AND...

well she just goes around the wasteland on the surface of earth (mass desertification yeaaaah!) and collects whatever stuff Savvy puts on her shopping list. Rook supplies Savvy's black market and since the atmosphere of Earth is dangerous (in her universe) she has to wear a gas mask when venturing out beyond

thunder dome.

And she spray paints her name places...she's been, to help build up a 'map,' of the places she's been etc.

Clothing - Beetlejuice inspired. And she likes to decorate her gas mask with creepy expressions.

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