Thursday, 9 February 2012


I think I'm even better at neglecting things than I am at holding a pencil straight. Actually! It's way up there on my list of fabulous talents, along with procrastination and just waiting for someone else to do it...there's never anyone else though. But, y'know. I'm patient 8D I'll sit by and do absolutely nothing for days, if that's what it takes.

That's commitment.

SO. I didn't do the advent thing because...well, there were more important things that required my attention such as those things mentioned above and my general 'will do anything but what she's supposed to be doing,' view on life.

ANYWAY, when I'm not dying the slow death over my lightbox (studio and at home) I like to SLEEP. I recently ran out of animation paper while working on Brain Damage scenes at home, so OBVIOUSLY I was free to do something else :3

This is what I did.

It's called sloanefacesmall.png because her name is Sloane and it's her face and it's the small, upload friendly file instead of the big bastard original. Yeah, I've decided that whenever I'm asked 'but what does it mean, what are you trying to say with this?' about any of my work, I'm going to be an absolute dick.

AH USED COREL PAINTAH for the first time ever with this slag, eh. Hmm. I'm undecided about it, I'm not really a 'painterly,' painter general course paintings were of Brain Damage bitches with chainsaws and dismembered hands :3. Still, I'll persevere...I might get good.

Ha. Haha. Probably not.

Totally how I imagine my Skyrim character...raping and pillaging and raping and pillaging and getting over encumbered with all the raping and pillaging. Hate when that happens.

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